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The town of Norwood, Massachusetts, was first settled by Ezra Morse in 1678. Morse set up a sawmill in what is now South Norwood, the part of town to which the first concentration of families, almost all of whom were farmers, migrated over the next half-century. The town of Norwood, Massachusetts, was officially formed in 1872. For a long time before that, the area was used as a hunting ground by Indians. The town shares its name with a town in England.

During the American Revolution, there was a Minuteman company organized in the area. Its captain, Aaron Guild, after learning that the British were marching on Lexington and Concord, ten miles away, joined the fight and arrived in time to fire on the British at Concord Bridge. Guild participated in the running battle that chased the Redcoats back to Boston.

Norwood's town square is dominated by its town hall, the Norwood Memorial Municipal Building. The neo-gothic edifice was built in 1928 and is made of Weymouth seamed-face granite. Visitors often mistake the building for a church, but it is not. Rather, its stained-glass windows depict local patriot Aaron Guild.

Guild's name appears in local street and building names, and is pronounced with a long i, like the word "hire." Abraham Lincoln passed through Norwood during his pre-inaugural tour of New England.

Because there are numerous automobile dealerships on Norwood's Route 1, it is known as the "Automile." This idea of having competing dealerships join together as an automobile shopping center was largely the work of the late Ernie Boch, Sr. Boch was known in the Boston area for his memorable ads urging people to "Come on down!"

"Have You Been Arrested Or Are You Afraid You Might Be?

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A Different, Better Attitude

"We don't just represent you, we rescue you." That is the motto of Norwood, Massachusetts, criminal defense lawyer William D. Kickham. Attorney Kickham is experienced in successfully defending people who have been charged with a variety of crimes. These crimes can range from rape charges, sexual assault charges, motor vehicle violations, larceny charges, burglary offenses, drug charges, OUI charges, domestic violence, and more.

Think it can't happen to you? Think again. You could have an argument with a loved one in a place witnessed by another person, and if the police are called, its' a good bet that someone's going to be arrested for assault and battery or domestic violence. You could have a single drink, drive your car, fail to signal a turn, and a police officer could stop you. If that officer smells alcohol on your breath, you may well be arrested for OUI/DUI. Or you could innocently pass a bad check, with no intent to defraud, and be arrested for larceny by check. You needn't be a hardened criminal to be charged with a crime. If you find yourself arrested, or if a loved one has been arrested, you face a critical decision: Make the wrong choice in hiring an attorney, and you will very likely not get the best legal result possible in your case.

Make the right choice: Call Attorney Kickham at his Westwood office: (781) 320-0062 or on his cell phone at (617) 285-3600. Attorney Kickham will return your call as soon as possible and is very responsive. If you work or live in Boston, Attorney Kickham has a Boston office you can meet him at, also. If necessary, Attorney Kickham also makes "house calls," and will come to your home or another location, to meet with you at your convenience. (Try finding that in most attorneys.)

Don't forget - a criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. If affects everything from your job, career, marriage and family, to your financial situation.

Our offices have handled and successfully defended a wide range of criminal defense cases. Attorney Kickham is very familiar with operations within both the Norwood Police Department and Dedham District Court, which has jurisdiction over the town of Norwood. Attorney Kickham's office is located in Westwood, Massachusetts, the town next to Norwood.

Partial List of Client Reviews
When I was arrested for DUI, I was absolutely terrified. Had it not been for you, I might have been convicted of something I was not at all guilty of. My work life, my family life, my reputation, all could have been destroyed. You stood by me like the legal version of a bodyguard - and because of you, I was found not guilty.
When we got the call that our son had been arrested and charged with rape, we almost fainted. We know our son. He is not violent; he has never abused anyone, let alone another girl… If not for you and your "take no prisoners" attitude, our son might have been convicted of a crime that would have sent him to state prison. As far as we're concerned, our son owes you his life, and we owe you the world. We will never forget you.
I hired Mr. William D. Kickham for a very important legal issue and I was extremely satisfied by the results. His in depth knowledge about the matter and his intelligent thinking was extremely beneficial. He is really an expert. He was also very supportive and sensitive towards my concerns. It was great to have a lawyer of his capacity. Thanks William for all the Help.
Atty. Kickham defended me on a charge of raping my girlfriend, who made up the whole story out of revenge because I was interested in someone else. If it weren’t for Attorney Kickham proving me innocent, God knows what might have happened to me.
Mr. Kickham represented me on a trumped-up charge of domestic violence. The prosecutor and police wouldn’t back down, even after my spouse told them it was all untrue. They insisted on taking me to trial, and Mr. Kickham never wavered. He was my legal bodyguard, and I was found not guilty.
Of the many talents Atty. Kickham has, two are these: 1) He is ten times as persuasive as the best lawyer you’ve seen in the movies; and 2) Nothing - but nothing - gets by him. The police arrested me on completely false drug charges, and after a heated courtroom battle, Atty. Kickham won the day. Trust me, it was no surprise.
Because I mildly disciplined my child for throwing a tantrum, I was actually charged with child abuse. It was horrifying. Atty. Kickham fought for me tooth and nail, until I was declared not guilty. One hell of a lawyer.
I complimented a co-worker on her looks and patted her on the back as I did so. Two hours later, the police showed up and accused me of indecent assault & battery. From the day I hired him, Atty. Kickham fought the DA’s office until the charges were dropped. If not for him, my life would have been ruined.


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