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I’m attorney William D. Kickham; I’m glad you’re here. You’re visiting us because you need or want accurate information in the area of Massachusetts criminal law. You’re in the right place because I’m an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney. Long gone is the habit of just using the Yellow Pages to find a good lawyer. You’re at this website because you’re skilled in utilizing the internet to find reliable information. Utilize our website to inform yourself on the subject of criminal law in Massachusetts, and learn more of what specific legal challenges you might face. You can also access the additional links provided on this website to learn more about the particular legal question or problem you have. I’m confident that once you explore this website, you will call my firm so we can answer whatever legal questions you may have. For now, please read more here about what we do, and why we do it better than most law firms.

The Law Office of William D. Kickham & Associates brings to our clients what they need, when they most need it: Expert legal counsel committed to representing clients with dedication, aggressive advocacy and professionalism. Clients seek us out because they need what most people do not expect to need – aggressive criminal defense. Regardless of the type of criminal charge involved, this type of event creates a great deal of anxiety and stress. The stakes can be very high, and clients in this situation who come to us know they will be well taken care of.

Small Firm, Big ResultsTop Ten Reasons

The above caption is a good one: We’re not top-heavy and overweight. We don’t accept an unmanageably high volume of cases and we don’t need to finance a large advertising budget. We specialize in criminal defense, and we can proudly say that we have a twenty-year track record of success in representing clients accused of criminal offenses. A lot of firms these days function like big businesses, leading you through a maze of people before you reach a lawyer. We don’t do that, and we’re proud of it. We secure the best legal results possible for each of our clients one at a time, as if each one were the only one.

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When a person is arrested or accused of a crime, it causes a variety of emotions to arise, and creates enormous stress. The last thing you need to feel treated like in this situation is a number – one more client in a sea of many clients in a large firm. My firm provides what most clients usually don’t get with larger law firms: A personally dedicated attorney, dealing with them one-on-one, directly, the whole way. That is a major difference that sets my firm apart from other firms. When clients call with questions or problems, they aren’t shuffled off to a paralegal or other staffer. They speak with me directly, and their needs are met by an attorney who is personally dedicated to their defense. That is a major difference that sets this firm apart from other law firms, and one that every potential criminal defense client should think about carefully before selecting an attorney. Think about it: You can spend all day talking to different lawyers. At the end of the day, each will have graduated from law school, will be a member of the bar and licensed to practice in Massachusetts. But how many have the experience you need? How many will dedicate himself personally to your defense?

Advantages That Make The Difference

Just one indication of how individualized and devoted we are to each client, is that we actually make “house calls.” Clients of a certain age will remember “way back when,” when doctors used to actually make house calls. I’ve brought that level of individual attention and concern back – to the legal profession, this time. The way I see it, if someone already under the stress of a criminal accusation needs me to visit their home, and it’s within a reasonable distance, I’ll be there. One of the other key advantages offered by my firm is that we partner with a wide network of attorneys who also specialize in criminal law in Massachusetts. In this way, we can provide additional, specialized talent if needed in a particular area of Massachusetts criminal law, for example, white-collar crime or cyber-crimes. Take a look at our Practice Areas section of this website to view a partial list of the areas of Massachusetts criminal law that we practice in.

So take a good look at this website, and the particular subject matter or practice area that you’re concerned with right now. I’m confident that when you’re done, and after you speak to us, you’ll agree that we’re the firm that should represent you. Because as our clients would tell you, the truth of the matter is that we don’t just ‘represent’ you -- we rescue you.

We hope to hear from you. We’re available 24/7 at the phone numbers at the top of this page.

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Client Reviews
  • ★★★★★
    When I was arrested for DUI, I was absolutely terrified. Had it not been for you, I might have been convicted of something I was not at all guilty of. My work life, my family life, my reputation, all could have been destroyed. You stood by me like the legal version of a bodyguard - and because of you, I was found not guilty.
  • ★★★★★
    When we got the call that our son had been arrested and charged with rape, we almost fainted. We know our son. He is not violent; he has never abused anyone, let alone another girl… If not for you and your "take no prisoners" attitude, our son might have been convicted of a crime that would have sent him to state prison. As far as we're concerned, our son owes you his life, and we owe you the world. We will never forget you.
  • ★★★★★
    Bill helped us with a sensitive legal matter. He helped us navigate the legal system quickly and efficiently with a great outcome. We would highly recommend him.
  • ★★★★★
    I retained Attorney Kickham for a speeding ticket. He was very clear, he explained to me step by step what I needed to do. We worked together to get a positive result. Thanks to Mr. Kickham, for his help and support.
  • ★★★★★
    I hired Mr. William D. Kickham for a very important legal issue and I was extremely satisfied by the results. His in depth knowledge about the matter and his intelligent thinking was extremely beneficial. He is really an expert. He was also very supportive and sensitive towards my concerns. It was great to have a lawyer of his capacity. Thanks William for all the Help.
  • ★★★★★
    I retained Mr. Kickham for an important matter earlier this year. Mr Kickham was not only able to explain all steps of the legal process in great detail, but was able to resolve my issue in a satisfactory matter. Thank you for all your help Mr. Kickham.
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