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Practice Areas

ArrestedOne thing everyone can agree on in life: No one wants to end up as a defendant in a criminal court. It’s one of the scariest things that can ever happen to you. For the majority of people, it never happens. However, it sometimes can, and quite unexpectedly. “How?” you ask. “I’m not a criminal. I’m a law-abiding person.” That may well be. But consider:

  • Pass a bad check, innocently and with no intent to defraud, and you can be arrested and charged with Larceny By Check.
  • Drive carelessly, while talking on a cell phone or for any other common reason, and you can be arrested and charged with Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, or Driving To Endanger.
  • Engage in a heated argument with a neighbor, store clerk or anyone, and if any bodily contact is involved, you can be charged with assault and/or battery.
  • Offer a well-meaning compliment or touch a member of the opposite sex who happens to take offense easily, and you can be charged with sexual assault (an entirely different offense from civil sexual harassment in the workplace).
  • And, of course, if you drive with even the hint of alcohol on your breath, are stopped and a police officer smells the alcohol and believes you to be impaired, you will be arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI/OUI).

You needn’t be hardened criminal or an evil person to end up charged with a crime. Being charged with a criminal offense is often something most people think “would never happen to me.” And hopefully, it won’t. But if and when it does, you need the experience and expertise of a relentless criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense is one-half of what our practice specializes in.

Some people might ask: “What do personal injury law and criminal defense have in common?” The answer: A great deal indeed – and a lot more than you might think. These two practice areas share much in common: They both involve clients who have been deeply upset by a traumatizing event, and they both involve clients who are up against powerful adversaries: Criminal defendants face the power of state prosecutors and police departments seeking to punish them – even jail them - for charges they may be not guilty of. The victim of an injury faces powerful insurance companies who do everything they can to deny the victim’s needs to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Both of these legal adversaries are very powerful, and both are very persistent in winning their cases.

Each of these areas of legal practice requires a very similar type of attorney: One who is relentless in the pursuit of his clients' interests; one who knows when to be aggressive; and knows when to negotiate. Our firm has handled many different types of criminal defense. We know how to locate and exploit the weaknesses in the police and the District Attorney’s case. We are relentless in our defense of our clients accused of criminal offenses. Our Principal, Attorney William D. Kickham, has defended numerous criminal cases in Massachusetts. He is a former Special Assistant District Attorney for Norfolk County, and as such knows the prosecutorial side of criminal cases: He knows how they are strategized, he knows how they are assigned, and he knows how they are negotiated down to lesser offenses, when that strategy is needed.

Attorney Kickham is also a certified public defender/bar advocate for the Committee on Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts, and is skilled in the defense of complex criminal cases in the District and Superior courts. Our office works with a wide network of attorneys who specialize in these cases, and if due to scheduling Attorney Kickham is unable to appear in court for you on the day your case is scheduled, we will provide another attorney for you. All our attorneys specialize in criminal law in Massachusetts, and practice in all District Courts and Superior Courts throughout Massachusetts. Before becoming a client of ours, we would explain all necessary procedures and information, and if someone other than Attorney Kickham appears on your behalf, you would assent to a reasonable division of your fee (divided between our office and the attorney appearing for you) pursuant to Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5(e).

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a crime in Massachusetts, contact us for a free consultation. We would be happy to provide you with the critical help and guidance you need at this stressful time. Our legal fees for criminal defense are very reasonable, and will depend on a variety of factors that are present in your situation. Contact us and we can explain these to you in full.

Client Reviews
When I was arrested for DUI, I was absolutely terrified. Had it not been for you, I might have been convicted of something I was not at all guilty of. My work life, my family life, my reputation, all could have been destroyed. You stood by me like the legal version of a bodyguard - and because of you, I was found not guilty. G.M.
When we got the call that our son had been arrested and charged with rape, we almost fainted. We know our son. He is not violent; he has never abused anyone, let alone another girl… If not for you and your "take no prisoners" attitude, our son might have been convicted of a crime that would have sent him to state prison. As far as we're concerned, our son owes you his life, and we owe you the world. We will never forget you. A.H. and P.H.
I hired Mr. William D. Kickham for a very important legal issue and I was extremely satisfied by the results. His in depth knowledge about the matter and his intelligent thinking was extremely beneficial. He is really an expert. He was also very supportive and sensitive towards my concerns. It was great to have a lawyer of his capacity. Thanks William for all the Help. N.G.
Atty. Kickham defended me on a charge of raping my girlfriend, who made up the whole story out of revenge because I was interested in someone else. If it weren’t for Attorney Kickham proving me innocent, God knows what might have happened to me. Z.B.
Mr. Kickham represented me on a trumped-up charge of domestic violence. The prosecutor and police wouldn’t back down, even after my spouse told them it was all untrue. They insisted on taking me to trial, and Mr. Kickham never wavered. He was my legal bodyguard, and I was found not guilty. M.B.
Of the many talents Atty. Kickham has, two are these: 1) He is ten times as persuasive as the best lawyer you’ve seen in the movies; and 2) Nothing - but nothing - gets by him. The police arrested me on completely false drug charges, and after a heated courtroom battle, Atty. Kickham won the day. Trust me, it was no surprise. D.C.
Because I mildly disciplined my child for throwing a tantrum, I was actually charged with child abuse. It was horrifying. Atty. Kickham fought for me tooth and nail, until I was declared not guilty. One hell of a lawyer. D.D.
I complimented a co-worker on her looks and patted her on the back as I did so. Two hours later, the police showed up and accused me of indecent assault & battery. From the day I hired him, Atty. Kickham fought the DA’s office until the charges were dropped. If not for him, my life would have been ruined. A.K.